Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thoughts on Creativity

I Can Do Anything (Except That)

I think I could be diagnosed as “obsessively creative”. Today, I make jewelry but, over a lifetime, I have tried — and sort of mastered — drawing, painting, cooking, sewing and knitting. I have also encountered utter failure on occasion. One example: crochet. I just cannot do it. Not even that basic square. This is especially embarrassing because my mother could crochet and my grandmother thought nothing of whipping up banquet size tablecloths (one of which I cherish and use every Christmas). I am, therefore, seriously impressed by the work done by Carol (aka Quinny) of Quinnyscrochet 

The woman can crochet anything!

From fabulous women's fashions to beautiful baby clothes

And how about this for that proud fisherman's baby boy. Like I said, seriously impressed.