Sunday, 12 October 2014

It is Thanksgiving

But Only in Canada

That's right, folks, we here north of the 49th celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.

Let's get this out of the way first; we get that we did not invent Thanksgiving. As we all know, that honor (honour up here) goes to the Pilgrim Fathers. Basically, it was such a great idea that we stole it. We set the October date to make it clear this is a Canadian holiday. I think, however, we benefit from that longer break between turkey dinners.

Although the holiday is Monday, my family usually celebrates on the Sunday to let the worker bees recover with a nice, light salad and an early-to-bed night before going off to work on Tuesday. As we have no Pilgrim Fathers watching, I think we are safe to bend the rule on that.

So, to my friends around the world, welcome to my Thanksgiving.

The turkey is headed to the oven at our daughter's house (well, I fervently hope it is). Our kitchen is busy with other preparations.

Guess We Stole This, Too, Huh?

Maybe so, but the pumpkin filling recipe was my mother's and it is so identifiable that my brother once told his wife, over a Thanksgiving meal at our home, "Now that is what pumpkin pie should be". My ex sister-in-law is, by the way, a stupendous cook. And my brother sure would have failed as a diplomat!

Is Something a Bit Odd Here?

I really have been making these pies forever but this is the first time one came out of the oven looking like Grumpy Cat.

I cannot believe it is the fault of the oven in my magnificent new stove. It's too new to be haunted. Actually this is the result of the way I smoothed the filling and inserted a knife to test if cooked. I do think it will produce gales of laughter when we serve dessert tonight.

It Ain't Turkey Without. . .

. . . the cranberry sauce. I make mine with some orange peel.

I think if more people knew how easy it is to make cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray would be very worried. The canned product is perfectly okay but homemade is so easy and so good.

A Lighter Vegetable Dish

For decades, the turkey was accompanied by mashed potatoes and a mashed turnip and carrot dish. With all the food, we were all delighted when I found a recipe for citrus glazed carrots. Much lighter than the mash and I'm pretty sure Mom and Nana do not object. Well, unless they put that grumpy face on the pie.

Oh, don't be silly, Dix.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my kitchen ;-)

Saturday Was Polishing Day

Yesterday, I got out to the shop and polished the tourmalated quartz brooch. I really like how it turned out. I tried blackening the depths of the hammer marks but decided that was overkill so I polished it out. I will wait for Tuesday to list this as etsy is pretty much the dead zone on a long weekend.