Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mission Accomplished

Earrings and Pendant Done

The projects I had just started in my last post finally crossed the finish line this afternoon.

Adding Shine 

At this point, I have finished soldering, pickling and polishing the earrings and the pendant.

That tool is a steel burnisher. Its highly-polished surface brings out a brilliant shine on sterling silver. It is hard to use it effectively on flat surfaces (I prefer jewelers' rouge on a buffing wheel for that) but it is superb for burnishing the edges of items. In this case, it will make the rims of those earrings flash. Party time!

The Final Touch

This photo shows the pieces with the turquoise cabochon set on the pendant. I'm pretty happy with it and am certain the I prefer it with the hidden bail.

I sure hope there will be a bunch of light tomorrow so I can take the listing photos. It is possible to set up lights but it is a lot harder to get the look I want that way. Bright daylight plus a small LED light as fill seems to work better.

Tomorrow, I have plans to get started on a moonstone pendant. :-)