Saturday, 18 October 2014

October 18

Random Shots From My Bench

With the onset of fall weather, garden chores are nearly over. Household chores go on, and on, of course, but there is more time to get to the bench and follow up on ideas that took shape over the summer.

Start on Swinging Earrings 

Here are the cut components for a pair of earrings (Step 1). I have made several along these lines. I sold some and I have a pair I wear frequently. I am going to drift a hammered pattern across the lower parts of these to add some sparkle (Step 2). I will use wire and fine tube to create hinges on the back of these so the lower portion swings freely (Step 3). The final step will be to solder ear posts onto the back of the circles.

Turquoise Pendant - Ugly Duckling Right Now!

I designed this pendant a few months ago to hold a pretty turquoise cabochon. I'm using a piece of sterling silver I reticulated earlier. I like the almost fabric-like bunching at the bottom of the silver.

Here, I have trimmed the backplate and soldered on the top bar and stone bezel. Looks pretty gross, doesn't it?

I considered that loop as a bail but have decided I prefer the clean line of that top bar, so  I will put a hidden bail on the back instead.

I still have to add that bail and do a lot of polishing before I can set the stone. The weekend is not looking too busy, so I may get it done before I have to head out to the Creative Jewellers Guild <> AGM on Sunday afternoon.

A Change of Pace

I don't usually work with beads but I was looking for a project that I could do in the house: one to just pick up and put down when I had a few moments to spare. This necklace is the result.

There are two kinds of blue beads here: opalescent and crystal. Each bead is on a sterling silver ring. I linked them all, then added a ring and lobster clasp fastener. Bingo — it's a necklace. I still have some rings and beads so I may weave a pair of chandelier earrings to match. Party jewelry for the holiday season.