Friday, 24 October 2014

October 24

Moonstone Pendant

I love it when the bench is a cooperative environment. Some days solder joins do not join and polishers fail to polish. Today, however, was charmed. I went back to the moonstone pendant I started planning out a few days ago. I think I am still feeling the pull of the orient ;-) Here is the rough assembly.

All the Parts

The photo doesn't really catch it but there is a slight taper so the bottom of the backplate is a bit wider than the top.

The backplate is of reticulated sterling silver and I chose to top it, pagoda style, with a highly polished sterling bar. The bail is in two pieces. I captured a partial ring of round wire between the backplate and the bar. Once all the other parts were soldered together, I threaded a slightly teardrop loop of square wire through and soldered it shut.

Setting the Stone — Carefully

I took this photo just as I was about to set the 8 mm moonstone cabochon. The green painters tape is these to protect the silver from the setting tools. At the top of the photo, you can see the working surface of my bezel pusher. I rock that rounded surface against the bezel to force it against the stone. That step is not too risky but the final detail, polishing the bezel with a steel burnisher, can create small scratches on the silver.

Fuzzy Photo of Completed Piece

Here is the finished pendant on my desk. Terrible photo but there will be much better ones in my etsy shop as soon as there is enough light. Hope that will be tomorrow.

As I was making this, I realized that I made a very similar pendant, with earrings, for our daughter years ago!