Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Already?

New Projects

With holiday shopping days looming, it is time for esty shopkeepers to fill the cyber-shelves with new items. I want to add one or two bracelets to my stock so I wound some rings the other day.

I still plan to try a "solid" bracelet or two — made from a strip of metal bent and shaped into a bangle. I already know, however, how to make chain bracelets.


This jump ringer comes with a winding chuck and a wide range of mandrels you can use to wind wire into a long coil. In this photo, I wound a short length of wire onto one of the mandrels. Normally, you wind almost the entire length of that mandrel.

Once the coil is wound, you cut through it to create the rings.

You can do this by hand (and I often do) but I also have (thank you, darling husband) a power cutter that will let me take a long coil and render it into ring in moments. If you plan to make a number of bracelets — or a necklace — your hands are really keen on that power cutter.


Once they are cut, you have a heap of silver rings.

Nothing left to do but link them all up, right?

Stay tuned.