Tuesday, 11 November 2014


It Took Two Years But...

When we decided to buy this wee house, we knew we didn't much love the front yard. The big, ugly, decaying wood planter had to go. So did the rocks and cement stepping stones (steps to nowhere). While I didn't hate the osier dogwood, it sure wanted taming and the spreading plants under it were just messy. Truth is, I'm not good with messy.

This is Before

I took this photo before we even closed the deal (note the realtor's sign in front window). Exterior paint was in rough shape so we did that summer 2012. At that point, I began to see some advantages to a one-story home on land over a two-story one on the water!

We spent most of 2012 working inside the place. Tore out old flooring and replaced with laminate and, for bedroom and living/dining, new carpeting. Refinished all the kitchen cabinets and painted kitchen walls. We also stripped smaller bathroom to the studs, installed step-in shower, tiled the walls and replaced toilet and sink/cabinet.

Yard Work Next

It took until spring-summer of 2014 to really come to grips with the front yard.

This summer, despite demands of the vegetable garden and the new patio project, I got busy with the pruners out front. Next, we ditched the stepping stones. By happy chance, our daughter's yard actually needed some!

Late in the summer, we got a crew to remove all those rocks, then brought in top soil and seeded it. As you can see, it took so well that I'm hoping for a few more of these dry fall days so we can mow it!

More Jewelry, Too

Just finished polishing this open, garnet-set heart pendant. With the low winter light, I had to race to get the photos for my etsy site before the sun went behind the tall trees to the west. Any time after about 2:30 pm it's too dark even on a sunny day.