Sunday, 29 March 2015

Soggy Sunday Meander

Finding Handmade Wonders

It's totally ugly here today - payback for the lovely February, I guess. I do not even want to make the short dash from our porch to the shop door!

Being indoors, I did some more meandering among members of The Handmade Forum and want to share a few results.

If It's Ugly, Just Hide

One way to cope with bad weather, sleeplessness or tired eyes: wear a mask.

Try this one, of 100% cotton and flannel, from Black Raven Creations

Rhonda's shop is filled with hand knit, hand crocheted or hand sewn items for you to cherish.

The bonus here -- with that bold geometric pattern, you can look good to anyone you might be hiding from ;-)

Or Maybe Pamper Yourself

Winter weather is notoriously hard on your skin. By March, it's apt to be dry and flaking. Go ahead and pamper yourself with this delightful, organic, lavender scented body lotion from FlahertyNaturals

Debbie explains her product line this way:
Flaherty Naturals skin care products are handmade in small batches with certified organic and 100% pure ingredients that are free of any man made chemicals or preservatives. I hope you enjoy my truly natural line of organic skin care :)

I have some of her lip balm and can attest to its quality. I'm pretty sure any of her products will make you feel like you are in your own private spa.

And Chill Out

Most of us had grandmothers who understood that value of a good cup of tea as a "pick me upper".

If you want an organic — and maybe "just for you" tea — to enjoy on the chilly days of March or the sunny ones of summer, check out DesertSageNatural's etsy shop.

Their teas and packaging are as green as they can be made. Many of these teas have been blended to address specific medicinal or emotional issues. You will find them here:

Now, About Those Celtic Knots

I did finally get all that drilling and sawing done. Now, I wonder if DesertSage has a tea for a sore left wrist!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.