Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Creative Space

My Artisan Home

This morning, I noticed etsy was featuring some sellers work spaces and, while I do not expect to land on etsy's feature blog anytime soon, it did make me think about my creative space.

When we were leaving the river, one of the things we both wanted was better (well, bigger) workshop space. One of the few negatives about our floating home was that any "building" projects had to be done out on the dock during dry weather. The indoor workshop was little more than a closet and the workbench was a shelf above the firewood storage. Eventually, the Big Guy built new bookcases in the very wide upstairs hall and included fold-down bench space for each of us (see below).

It was pleasant but a bit constrained and not easy to ventilate. Best I could do when soldering or polishing was to set a fan blow past me.

A Home With a Future Shop!

We found a home AND...!

Our new home came with a 10 X 14 foot shed. It was ugly-duckling plain and filled with rough wood shelves and spiders — both living and dead. It was, however, solid on a concrete foundation, well-insulated and wired for power.

This photo shows it in its original state. Boring. White. Shed.

First, a Facelift

Before we even moved in, we painted exteriors — house and shed. The house is that pale gold with light granite trim. For the shed, we just reversed the pattern. Better already.

It took most of the next year to get the house renovations done, so the shop-to-be remained a cluttered shed-cum-spider-retreat. But, in due course, we got around to gutting it, adding flooring on top of the concrete. Then we installed better shelving, the Big Guy's bench and tools, and my work benches.  We also finished exterior improvements with a window box, a hanging basket and an awning so I don't get wet while unlocking the door in the winter.  I feel more creative just approaching it now.

It's What's Inside That Counts

To the left in this picture we have a set of steel shelves for paints, tools, odds and ends and also a big sturdy workbench. To the right, a power saw and storage for garden tools. The full 10 feet across the back gives me tons of creative space, storage space, and proper ventilation. Jeweler's heaven!