Thursday, 13 August 2015

Late Summer

Harvest Time

I haven't been posting lately. I finished the pendant and took a better photo before shipping it to the client.

I have other projects on the bench (or drawing board) but I've been taking it easy because I hurt my back about three weeks ago and am devoting time to physio and exercises. Beginning to feel better – and just in time, it seems.

The Veggie Garden

About the time I hurt my back, the garden was growing well and was pretty much weed free.

Since mid-July, the vegetables have grown like weeds. So have the weeds. It is not nearly this neat now but everything is maturing despite that. We have been enjoying cherry tomatoes on a daily basis and I picked a couple of peppers last weekend. They are oddly small. I thought all the heat we have had this year would have made them HUGE.

The Harvest

This week, we gathered the first of the beets (below, after roasting and peeling) and carrots (being packed for the freezer).

There is more to harvest and Okanagan free stone peaches are in the local market begging to be canned. Good thing my back is feeling so much better!