Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Bucket List Checkmark

Six Days in Paradise

This post will be heavy on  photos because we just spent six days on Maui at our our son and daughter-in-law's vacation home. Talk about glorious.

The first few photos were taken in The young folks' garden. A Tea Tree and wood panel screen the outdoor shower. Also flourishing, ginger flowers, lemons and mangos (sadly, not yet ripe!).

My Perfect Morning Walks

At home, I walk paved streets lined with homes. Okay, I guess, but it's nothing like this Kehei beach.

Just three short blocks from their home, this pretty beach was where I took my morning walk. Some days, I had this all to myself. Now and then, I shared it with a jogger or two. All walks accompanied by the sound of waves lapping, palms rustling, and doves and myna birds cooing and calling.

In Hawaii, it is best to rise early if you want to walk (let alone jog). It is, indeed, always gets warm and, at this time of year, it gets downright hot. We encountered several days when the afternoon temperatures were in the high 80s or low 90s. That's when it is time to get into that water.

It's All About the Beaches - and It's Hard to Pick a Favorite

Here are a couple that offered shade to lounge in between dips in the gloriously warm water.

We Saw Lots of Wildlife 

To see a full array, do a Google search on Hawaii Wildlife. We saw sea turtles (very hard to photograph from shore), lots of fishes at the Maui Ocean Center.

One morning,  this peahen (who would not hold still for a cell phone photo) followed me home. They range free on Maui - as do hundreds of once-domestic chickens. The roosters are handsome but never shut up.

We saw sea turtles at a beach (very hard to photograph from shore), and lots of fishes at the Maui Ocean Center. This shot was taken in the underwater tunnel. Quite fascinating.

We Also Explored the Uplands

One afternoon, we drove up Haleakala (to about 3,500 feet of the volcano's 10,000). We stopped for lunch at one of the old ranches and saw this magnificent tree. I was told it is an Australian pine. I'm hoping my Aussie pal will tell me if that's right!

And Had a Dinner With a View to Die For

Home now and ready to get back to the bench. Maybe a silver Sting Ray?