Sunday, 6 September 2015

Labor – or Labour – Day Musings

September Song

I suppose it is the end of summer that makes me think of the past. I was musing the other day about the years when we spent these warm, late summer afternoons on our floating home's roof deck. Before we built that home, we lived in a Victorian farmhouse on two acres, complete with charming barn and big, ugly but useful shed. It was a wonderful place to raise our children but 11 rooms, three bathrooms and an acre of lawn became way too much when they grew up and left.  It was time to downsize and fulfill a different dream.

Bringing Our Home Home 

Our wonderful builder lived and worked on the river in Ladner, BC but our site for the home was a six-member community several miles up river so, once the structure was complete, a tug to towed us to our berth. Figuring this would be its only voyage, we "cruised" on our soon-to-be-home and enjoyed our first real experience with being on the river. That's me on walking on our "prow" deck. The living room opened onto it and the balcony you see above was outside our bedroom.  The peak on the roof was the staircase to the roof deck.

Welcome to Berth 5 (of 6)

Here is the view you would have had if you were coming to visit us. By the time this was taken, we had acquired a small skiff to explore the river. This was taken at high tide, with the ramp nearly flat, In the winter, on a low tide, the top of the ramp was about level with the second floor windows! Walk with care was the warning, especially if it snowed.

Those windows on the top floor are the hallway and hubby's desk (left) and my office (right). First floor: powder room, boat deck and the kitchen nook (see below). The swans used to come to the boat deck to get fed (puffed wheat).

Always Something to See Whatever the Weather

We were there for more than 20 years, but I never tired of having my morning coffee at this table, surrounded by nature. 

So Many Moods

Although the river bank behind us could be a muddy mess at low tide, I loved the water iris that bloomed there each spring.

Winter sometimes brought a real spectacle (below).

The willow trees were beautiful at any time of year. This giant behind our home gave some very welcome shade on hot summer days.

The Crowning Glory

This was our summer retreat. We had a BBQ at the top of the stairs and could entertain friends — or just ourselves — with waterfront dining.

Of course I miss it (who wouldn't?) but I count myself very lucky to have had all those years afloat.