Friday, 13 November 2015

Earrings, Earrings

Stocking My Virtual Shelves

With the holiday shopping (and party) season almost upon us, I have been busy at my bench making things for my shop <> so there will be lots of options on offer. I'm particularly keen on adding more earrings. A simple truth: a woman can never have too many earrings.

The Blue Agate Plan

Last weekend, we attended a Rock & Gem show and, despite the large number of stones in my stash, I found a few more I had to have. Another simple truth: a jeweler can never have too many stones.

Here is the sketch, along with the actual parts. That pretty little oval is a dyed blue agate cabochon. A pair of them at the show caught my eye and shouted: "Earrings". I decided, with party season ahead, someone would love these set on swinging dangle earrings. The stones seemed to dictate the slightly irregular shape. I got started on this on Wednesday afternoon.

Like Shoes, Stones Must Fit

I have learned – the hard way, of course – that it pays to be sure a stone fits the bezel before you attach the bezel to the backplate, because there can be microscopic variations in the size of matched stones. Here is one of the blue agates being tested for fit. With earrings, it also pays to pair up stones, bezels and backings and assemble one set at a time. That saves inadvertently setting the slightly smaller stone in the bezel meant for the slightly larger on (that can be done) – only to find the larger one will not fit into the smaller bezel (that cannot be done).

One Done

Yesterday, we got hit with our first winter storm – wild winds and sheets of rain. A great day to get into the shop and complete these. Here is the first of the pair, stone set and ear wire attached.

Two Done

Next up, a pair of triangle dangles set with tiny amethysts. Stay tuned ;-)