Monday, 30 November 2015

End of November

And More Earrings

November has been earring month at DixSterling. For some reason, my take on how to decorate your ears has featured lots of triangles. 

Swinging Amethysts

The first pair I put together features dangling triangles of reticulated silver (yeah, I still love that look even if it is a lot of work). To add a touch of color, I soldered 3mm tubes at the triangle bases and set them with sweet amethyst cabochons.

A pair of shepherd hooks and the amethysts in place. I'm quite happy with how this pair turned out. I think they would be lovely party wear but they are dignified enough for the office, too. 

Sometime, Silver is Enough

The next pair was crafted from nothing but sterling silver. First I cut a pair of triangles from more reticulated silver, then I melted two small clippings of pure silver until they formed small balls. I soldered the balls to the earrings and attached shepherd hooks. 

Sweet. Simple. Silver.

Okay, that's it for November. 

Time to Welcome December.