Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rainy November Day

Dreary, but Good for Indoor Work

Very gray, very wet today. Bench and computer time, for sure. I posted this lapis lazuli pendant on etsy yesterday. Here is a quick look at the process.

Here is a photo of the parts — the oval lapis cabochon, the sterling back plate with bezel soldered on and the square sterling wire that will frame the piece and let it hang from a chain. Those pliers helped shape a bail from the end of the wire. It's a simple design, although slightly bothersome to actually make ;-) I seldom come up with ideas that make my life easy!

First Things First

Before I soldered the bezel onto the back plate, I cut out a pair of hearts. In this photo, I am using a strip of 400 grit sandpaper to smooth the edges of those cutouts. Why hearts? I just felt like it, I guess.

It's a pretty good policy to cut out part of the backplate for a couple of reasons. First, it lightens the piece for wearing comfort (especially useful in a large item like this). Second, if repairs are ever needed, having an opening or two makes it easier to remove the stone. There are few, if any, stones you would risk leaving in place if a solder joint needed re-heating!

Two Final Photos

With the wire frame soldered to the backing, I used a series of polishing discs on the piece prior to setting the stone.

I wonder if this will end up under someone's Christmas tree? It does look a bit like a tree ornament, doesn't it?