Tuesday, 5 January 2016

January 2016

Planning Begins for a Medieval-themed Brooch

My goodness, I haven't been able to work at my bench for soooo long. First it was all the holiday baking, then I let the shop get cold so I could use it to store some of that baking, then, once we got to the New Year, we hit a spell of really cold weather (for here, that is) and there was no way to get the shop warm enough. One simply cannot make jewelry while wearing mittens. Luckily, one can do sketches in the cozy house!

First Sketched Ideas

I have a lovely cardinal cut garnet waiting to be set for a special customer. She wants a brooch with a medieval feeling so I did up a couple of sketches for her (below).

The design on the left is close to the look she is after, so I decided to create a mockup in copper and brass first (below). If I get to something that hits the mark for her, I will bring out the sterling. Love being back at the bench!