Saturday, 23 January 2016

One Done

Hair Pin It Is

Last fall, I took part in a Creative Jewellers Guild casting class, learning to invest, then burn out organic materials and cast their shapes in sterling silver. In October, I blogged about the experience. At the time, I was uncertain what to do with one of the items. After much pondering, I decided it would do very nicely as the filial on a hair stick, so I ordered a package of them from an etsy seller. They arrived yesterday and that fit in very well with today's plans.

The Sevilles Are Here

I married a guy with a sweet tooth and one of his favorite things is homemade marmalade, so, every January, we watch for the arrival of Seville oranges in the local market. They came in a few days ago and the first batch of marmalade was produced yesterday.

Clearly, that amount will not cut it for a true aficionado, so there is more peel simmering on the stove this afternoon.

What To Do?

At this point, apart from an occasional stir, there is nothing to do for a couple of hours on that front but I can't run off to the shop because one does need to keep an eye that the pot is simmering, not boiling. The hair stick project came to mind as an ideal solution.

An old sheet to protect the table, a tray to capture the wee bit of mess that would result from filing the stem to a pointed end to fit the existing hole, and that project could be done while the orange peel simmered.

Perfect Timing

It was perfect. I finished the hair ornament just before the peel was ready to proceed to making the jam. Here is the result.

That quick snapshot makes one thing clear -- getting good photos of this will be tricky.