Wednesday, 3 February 2016

February 3

Setting a Picasso Jasper

While I was working on the client's garnet, I also got started on a setting for a Picasso Jasper. I always like to have more than none project on the bench as there is nothing so boring as watching your pickle pot.

Here is a shot of the two stones, each with its setting being fitted.

Abstract Pictures in Stone

Picasso Jasper is a metamorphic limestone, transformed over time by heat and pressure within the earth. It is found in the state of Utah and said to contribute to inner vision and to aid transformation. Whatever mystic properties it may have, it is most certainly fascinating to look at. This lovely oval makes me think of a West Coast forest in the fog. What do you see in it?

How to Settle on a Setting

From time to time, I change horses in midstream. Call it artistic license if you will, but I sometime get well into a project before deciding I need to alter it. In this case, my original plan was for a much longer piece, with point at top and bottom (seen in sketches posted at the end of January). I had not yet found a stone for it and when I came upon this one and sat it onto the silver cut to plan, I felt all that silver overwhelmed the subtlety of the stone. Easy answer - trim off the top portion of the piece.

Polish, Polish, Polish

There are many ways to polish jewelry pieces but one of my favorites is with 3M discs. They do a good job and, with all their tiny bristles, they can reach tight spots (like around those silver balls).

The discs are impregnated with various grades of grit so you can achieve any finishing task from a rough grinding to a mirror-polishing. Very useful.

Here, the final disc in the multi-disc sequence is mounted on a Dremel which I have positioned in a drill press. That leaves me with two hands for manipulating the item so I can be sure all areas, front and back, get a good polishing. It is always a delight to see, as you move to finer and finer grits, the reflection of the tool itself beginning to appear.

Picasso Framed

This is another "convertible" piece. It can be worn as a pin or, with the addition of a small adapter, as a pendant. I'm quite delighted with those adapters – whoever invented them did women a favor: two jewelry items for the cost of one!