Monday, 2 May 2016

Marvellous May

The End of the Story

Back in the fall of 21015, I posted about a casting from plant session. To refresh your memory, here are some photos from that time.

In sterling silver: the casting sprue (top), a cedar sprig (now set with cubic zirconia and in my shop: and "The Ubiquitous Weed". I harvested it from the edge of my vegetable garden. I have also found it along the edge of our driveway and — somewhat to my amazement — in a gutter on Maui.

Once I had the parts cut off the sprue, I had to polish them.  I thought "The Weed" looked pretty good after polishing.

The cedar casting was always intended to become a brooch but I was, for awhile, not sure how to use "The Weed" so I could enter it into the Botanicals theme case at the 2016 BC Gem Show. Eventually, I settled on a hair stick.

I obtained the handmade wooden stick from a seller on etsy, adapted the pre-drilled hole in the end and used a combination of a sharpened end on "The Weed" and a touch of epoxy to secure the casting to the stick.

I can't wear it — I am a short hair kind of gal — so I planned to list it in my shop after the Gem Show. Instead, it found its new home very close to me. Here it is in our lovely daughter's hair. They both look good.