Thursday, 18 August 2016

Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

Of Course, the Bride Picks the Colors

Every bridesmaid knows that feeling of hoping the dress she must wear will, at the very least, not make her look her worst. And, trust me, I know. In my youth, I paid somewhat more than I could afford for a dress so unflattering that, the day after the wedding, it hit the trash! What can I say, she was a very dear friend.

Custom Earrings to Match Your Wedding Palette

The good news is, precious and semi-precious stones come in every color of the rainbow and something the size of an earring will not clash with anyone's complexion. So, studs in your theme color make perfect gifts for your bridesmaids and, with the vast array of stones available, they do not need to bankrupt you, either!

If you are planning your wedding, I would love to make matching earrings for your bridesmaids in the color of your choice. Below are a few examples, along with some notes on colors of stones. All these are cabochon stones but the majority can be obtained faceted if you want more sparkle.

Spectacular Reds; Perfect for a December Wedding

These studs are set with garnets – a very affordable red (and January's birthstone). If you have deeper pockets, rubies come to mind. If natural, they are pricey but lab grown rubies will not require a bank loan.
Tourmaline and spinel can also be had in various shades of red.

Warm, Glowing Yellows 

I set the earrings shown here with a pair of citrine cabochons. Other options include yellow beryl, imperial topaz, tourmaline, amber and zircon (You can find zircon in almost all colors).

You can see that the silver portion of these studs is also varied. The garnets are in polished silver mounts. This pair has been hammered with a riveting hammer to create lines that add sparkle.

So  Many Blues

I have developed a real passion for blue stones, partly because they offer so much variety. These samples are among my favorites.

Turquoise - the ones here show the classic shade, but turquoise varies from deep blue to almost green. This pair show very little veining but others are beautifully mottled with browns, greys, or blacks. Turquoise is one of December's birthstones.

Other stones where the color tends to turquoise are aquamarine and larimar.

Kyanite - this stone displays neither purple nor green tendencies. It is a true, deep ocean kind of blue.

A few other "true" blues that come to mind are sapphire, labradorite, and blue topaz.

With this pair, I added dimension by bezel-setting the stones atop two graduated silver discs.

Lapis Lazuli - these stones, favored by Egypt's pharaohs and China's emperors, are among the most beautiful of all stones. Their rich deep blue, frequently sprinkled with flecks of white or brassy pyrites, is utterly unmistakable.

P.S. - if you are having a country wedding, you could select denim lapis.

Royal Purples

Almost everyone knows the amethyst - February's beautiful birthstone - but there are several other options if purple is your favorite color. Charoite is an opaque stone that echoes amethyst's deep purple while iolite is a much softer shade. You could also choose tanzanite or spinel.

Choose from Any Part of the Rainbow - Here Are Just a Few Examples

Pink - zircon, tourmaline, rose quartz and rhodolite garnet.
Green - emerald, chrysoberyl, peridot, malachite, and jade.
Orange - citrine, imperial topaz, fire opal and hessonite garnet.
White - diamonds, pearls, cubic zirconia, and moonstone. 
Black - agate, jet and onyx.

You can find me, and see more examples of my handcrafted jewelry at SterlingByDix on ArtYah <> or at DixSterling on etsy <>

I would love to design and create earrings for your special day.