Friday, 30 September 2016

Photography Experiments

I Love Online Selling, But. . .

In the years since I began selling on etsy <> I have tried many, many ways to take good jewelry photographs. It has been a source of so much frustration.

What To Put Under the Item?

A suitable background is a major problem. Below, a scattering of backgrounds I have tried — and rejected.

 Colors — Yeah or Nay?

My earliest pieces were all sterling silver (no stones) and I used various blue backgrounds for a few years. It worked well. Then I began to add stones — and stones add color. The amethyst piece above did fine on blue but I immediately discovered how it could totally kill a garnet or citrine. I gave black a go but — while many jewelers use it to good effect — I just didn't care for it. The deep, mottled grey under the earrings above was achieved using a piece of grey slip-proof plastic mat (intended for a bathtub) and positioning the earrings a couple of inches above it on a clear plastic store display piece. Not bad but still not perfect.

Best Yet

After all those experiments, I recently settled on using a piece of near white ceramic tile as a background.

Also, to solve the problem of propping pieces up for the camera, I lean them agains seashells. I like the texture and soft tones the shells add to my photos.

I think I am pretty happy with this setup. I take the photos in front of a window because, although I tried photo lights, I find the natural light works best for me. The only real problem is the shift of color temperature between July and December but I can adjust it pretty well with an editing program.

Of course, I still try a few options now and then — especially now that I have opened a second shop <> SterlingByDix on ArtYah.

The search goes on.