Friday, 16 September 2016

What a Great Invention


When we left the river and bought this landlubbers' house, there were lots of changes to be made. The vital ones — kitchen makeover, bedroom paint and carpet, gutting and rebuilding one of the bathrooms — we tackled before moving in. Then there was this wallpaper in my office that I hated but there were still more important things to tend to. Slowly, it got shoved aside but, after four years, it just got to me and I had to make it go away — now! I just couldn't face another winter with the stuff.


This photo is of the pattern that was driving me nuts. It always made me think of fishing lures, which are just great — on fishing lines.

Try to imagine a whole wall of this in a small room. Way too busy. I considered stripping it off the wall but I did that once and still remember dodging hot steam, scraping at gummy paper, and, finally, cleaning up all that mess. Because this was pretty high quality paper, I figured — with proper care — I could just paint over it. A chore, but not a horror show.


It took two coats of stain blocker/primer to cover the pattern and ensure that latex paint wouldn't penetrate the paper and cause it to part company with the walls. I was very relieved when a couple of days went by and the paper hadn't moved.

. . . Gone!

The other walls are white, so I wanted some warmth here. I opted for this medium deep bone and think it works really well.

Bonus - the artwork shows up much better on the painted wall.