Thursday, 13 October 2016

New Site = New Sales in October

The Handmade Life on ArtYah 

There was a time when I made pretty regular sales on etsy but, in the past year or so, it has become so overcrowded that it is very hard to get seen. As well, the focus on handmade is gone from etsy, and many etsy seller I know have been looking for other options. One, suggested by an etsy friend, is ArtYah so I set up a shop there a few weeks ago <>.

As with any new venture, it takes time but on Tuesday I made my first sale there.

Someone in California will soon be wearing these brilliant blue lapis lazui on sterling studs.

It was a thrill to make my first sale on a new site and I hurried to pack them up nice and pretty and get them on their way to their new home.

After I dropped this package off at the Post Office, I decided to try listing a very similar pair, this time set with turquoise, in my ArtYah shop.

Does Good Luck Come in Twos?

So, on Tuesday afternoon, I added the turquoise studs.

On Wednesday morning, I went for my morning walk. When I got back and checked my email, I found a message from ArtYah that the turquoise pair had sold. WOW!

So far, I'm really loving ArtYah.