Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Fun of a Mismatch

A Most Unusual Pair

With the bench tidy and the solder cleaned and ready, I finally got back to my bench (boy, how I have missed working there).

Such Cool Stones

Before I hurt my back, I had a plan for stud earrings using this mismatched pair of carnelian variety agate stones I found at the B.C. Gem Show. Their translucent orange glow was irresistible and the cream inclusion on one only added to their charm.

The Plan

I wanted simple sterling silver mounts for the agates — just enough silver surround to showcase the stones. I also wanted to let light come through from the back to take advantage of the translucent glow.

Here are the stones with the sketches. By using tabs brought up from the surround, I could secure the stones while keeping the design simple.

Ready to Set

In the final photo, you can see the plan becoming reality. The silver has been annealed, the centers cut out and the tabs marked and cut. The foreground one shows the tabs bent up (I used the chain nose pliers to grip and bend them).

Anyone who sees the listing on my ArtYah shop <> will notice that the slimmer stone actually has four tabs. A check of the fit, before bending the tabs over the stones, revealed the need for one more tab. Easy fix.