Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Shipping News

Before It Leaves Me...

Someone took advantage of my sale at DixSterling on etsy this weekend so I thought I'd show you how I prepare an item for shipping. This item is a sterling silver brooch set with an oval tourmalated quartz and I will ship it tomorrow morning.

Polish, Polish

Unless the item is one I just finished, it will have been carefully stored, in a plastic bag to keep tarnish at bay, as inventory. It looks pretty shiny when I pull it out but I always give it a good final polish before I pack it up.

Here is the pin that I will ship on Monday with the two polishing cloths I use, first the red, then the yellow. They always leave a nice, bright, shine.

Protect Your Silver Jewelry

Most stones (not all) are pretty tough but sterling silver is relatively soft. If you just toss it into a jewelry box on your dresser, it will probably get scuffed and scratched. I can't make a buyer use them, but I always tuck a wee plastic storage bag and an anti-tarnish paper tab under the cotton in the box.  

It Travels Under My Name

I ship items in boxes labelled with my brand name, DixSterling, so I want everything to arrive looking like a gift: a pretty box in a pretty gauze bag shows my customers that I care. 

Happy Customers

If you want to see how my customers feel about my work, visit my shop <> and scroll down to the Reviews section.

I'd love a chance to package something pretty up for you, too.