Friday, 15 June 2018

If Not etsy, Maybe ArtYah

Trials of Selling Online

I started selling at in March of 2009 and was thrilled when I made my first sale, shipping this brooch off to a buyer in the eastern USA. I guess she liked it. This was bought as a gift but she ordered a similar piece for herself soon after.

Demanding a Different Skill Set

While that got the ball rolling, sales came slowly for the first couple of years. As I was still "working for a living", I didn't spend a great deal of time on my etsy shop <> but I did prowl around enough to realize that I needed to brush up on photography, learn a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and give a lot more thought to writing titles, tags, and descriptions. It paid off. By 2012-13, I was selling two to three items per month. Clearly that was not going to pay for a trip to the famous Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show, but it did cover my material costs so I could keep playing.

"The Times They Are A'changing"

As things turned out, 2012-13 was pretty much my peak with etsy. There were lots of changes on etsy and they seemed to render some shops invisible.  As you might expect, a lot of etsy sellers got frustrated and went seeking a new online site to sell through. In time, we found (crest below) and I opened SterlingByDix there <>

At the moment, ArtYah is small. It is more like shopping at your corner store instead of a big box store but, unlike the big boxes, this small store offers only genuine handmade or vintage items plus craft supplies.

If you like to buy from people who thread their own needles, wind their own wool, clean their own paint brushes and hammer their own silver, check it out.

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