Sunday, 19 August 2018

Copper — for a Start

How to Fit a Ring — Long Distance

Someone in England has asked if I could custom make a ring. Of course I could but being sure it will fit is the issue. The first step was to find a North American size to match the British and Australian so I would be able to size it on my ring mandrel. Years ago, that might have been tricky but the internet changed everything. I found a chart that gave me a target size. Great, but I wouldn't want to just trust a chart, make the ring, then find out it didn't fit. The cost and hassle of shipping it back and forth for adjustment would be unacceptable.

Copper to the Rescue

Here is my solution — a quickly assembled, made from scrap, copper ring. Nothing fancy but I can mail this to her and she can tell me if I would need need to make the real thing a bit larger or smaller.

Here it is being hammered to make  it round (and adjust size a bit) on my steel mandrel. Like I said, not fancy.

Ring in the Rough

Well, I did sand it enough that it won't be painful to try it on!

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